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birding TourBefore 5 - 6 weeks of your trip to India, India Birding Tours (IBT) recommend its guest's to get complete Immunization as per schedules approved by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice. Few of the recommended vaccines before your travel to India are

Japanese encephalitis Rabies Typhoid Hepatitis A or Immune Globulin (IG)
Hepatitis B Yellow Fever Malaria Booster Dose against Tetanus-diphtheria,
measles, polio

There are few more diseases that Guest should keep in mind before packing their travel luggage. We have tried to include few of them and recommend to visit the website of Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/travel/indianrg.htm)for detailed information about Immunization required while Travelling to Indian Sub continent.

Malaria the one of the most endemic disease to the rainforest areas, although risk of being exposed to Malaria in short trip is not too high. Risk of being exposed to malaria differs from area to area and from season to season. Although there is no any Vaccination against Malaria but we recommend you to at least carry few Anti-Malarial drugs suggested by Physician. Please kindly note that Chloroquine is not an effective in the Indian Subcontinent and should not be taken to prevent malaria in this region.

Food and Waterborne Diseases
This is the primary cause of Illness at Indian Sub continents. So Make sure that You are drinking Sealed Mineral waters and Hygenic Foods and do take care about Sanitation. Note that "Prevention is better than Cure".

Altitude Sickness
Bird watchers are likely to travel some of the High altitudes of Himalayan Range inorder to have a sight of different rare avifauna. The primary sympotoms of altitude sickness are pounding heart, Breathlessness, Upset stomach, Headache, insomina. Severe altitude sickness is most common with pre-existing heart or lung conditions. Kindly discuss these all condition with your health care professional before you travel.

Personal First Aid
This is one of the most important kit as a passport and camera that you are suggested to pack it with your travel luggage. We recommend you to include over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs you use regularly, band-aids, ace bandage, antihistamine, moleskin, sunscreen, chapstick, antifungal lotion, antiseptic cream, and an extra pair of contacts or glasses if you use these.

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