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Birding In North Bengal Sikkim

The himalayan region of northern west bengla has received th attention of the bird watcher in past few years diversifting into Sikkim. The thumb-shaped north bengal teritory which is characterised by wholly mountainous terrain and lush dense green tropical and coniferous forest is blessed with the birds such as Red Billed Leiothrix, White browed and Black eared Shrike Babblers, Blue winged and Red Tiled Minlas, white Bellied Yuhina, Nepal Fulvetta, Rufous gorgeted and Sapphire Flycatcher, Small Niltava, Chest headed Tesia, Firetailed Sunbird, Gold naped Finch and Little Bunting, Ferruginous Flycatcher, Large billed and Blyth's Leaf warblers, Golden Spectacled Warblers, white browed Shortwing, White tailed Robin, Indian Blue Robin, Northern Goshawk, Eurasian Hobby , Blood Pheasant, Fire tailed Myzornis, Yellowish Bellied Bush Warblers, Large Billed Leaf warbler, White browed Bush Robin, Maroon Backed Accentor, Rufous fronted Tit, Fire tailed Sunbird, Great Parrotbill, Hume's Short toed Lark etc. India Birding Tours have tried to sum up few birding destination at this teritory

Dargeeling & Tiger Hill
As other hill station Dargeeling is also growing as a great Summer Tourist destination for Indian and Foreginer Guest. Dargeeling nestled at the Northern

Located at about 32 kms east of Kalimpong, Lava is a small village surrounded by Hills of North Bengal near Bhutan's western Border is an active Buddhist

Sandakphu Trek
Situated at the elevation of 3636 m from sea level and about 58 kms from Darjeeling Sandakphu means the 'Height of the Poison Plant' which is a direct

Sikkim is a landlocked Indian state nestled in the Himalayas with and area of 7,096 sq. kms. Sikkim can also be called as Sandwich between Nepal, Bhutan

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