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Birding In Vendanthangal

Situated at a distance of 86 kms. from Chennai, and is spread over 72 acres of marshy land with trees ideal for nesting are home to many species of water birds.Vedanthangal is the oldest bird sanctuary in the country. This has been in existence presumably for more than 200 years. The villagers had documented their right, to protect the winged visitors to this sanctuary.

Bird watcher can visit this place place from late in October and the birds are through with breeding and disperse to their feeding grounds about February. From November to February, Many migratory birds like garganey teals, shovellers, pintails, stilts, sandpipers etc. Visit the sanctuary in winter. A variety of resident birds like coots, moorhen and terns can be seen.

The breeding species of Aves at Vedabthangal Sanctuary are Great, Indian and Little Cormorants, Oriental Darter, Grey Heron, Indian Pon Heron, Great white, intermediate and Little Egrets, Black crowned Night Herons, Asian Openbill, Black Headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Spot billed Pelicans, Glossy Ibis, Yellow wattled Lapwing, Eurasian Thick Knee, Indian Courser, Chestnut Winged, Pied, Grey Bellied and Common Hawk Cuckoos, Blue Indian Bushlark, Loten's Sunbird, Black headed Cuckooshrike, White browed Bulbul, Paddyfield, Richard's and Blytth's Pipits, White browed Wagtail, Streaked Weaver and many more ....

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